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C Rowe Avatar

My 1st time here and it was a great experience!! The service and food was very good. I told my bestie the next time she's back in town we will have to come back.

C Rowe 2/21/2020
Kim Gehring Avatar

I honestly like the food and service, fantastic area next to my house. The cashiers are always very friendly. Highly recommended.

Kim Gehring 2/10/2020
Madeline Grodek Avatar

A mimosa flight is the way to go!

Madeline Grodek 2/09/2020
Eaglemaster24 Avatar

everything was delicious, the prices are fair and pretty good service

Eaglemaster24 1/31/2020
Jim D. Avatar

4 star rating Service is stellar & the staff or owner will constantly check to see if you're satisfied with your food or drink. Will I was craving something out of the ordinary the "jerk chicken omelette was slightly above average as far as brunch dishes go. The chicken itself is fine & has a good flavor  however atop egg whites was confusing & unnecessary imho. I felt like this should've  sat on a bed of rice or pasta. The cheesy hash browns that accompanied the omelet were fine as well. My cocktail, the guild ed lily"was stiff & merely decent as well. The "specials" listed on the blackboard seemed appealing although I didn't indulge. I'm sure I'll return to try several things  however putting this in the category of must try places is a stretch as of now.

Jim D. 1/26/2020
James Ng Avatar

Delicious and unique takes on the classic American breakfast fare. Busy but fast service. One word: sumptuous.

James Ng 1/22/2020
Sixto Martinez Avatar

Awesome choice of mimosas and filling food

Sixto Martinez 1/22/2020
Ellie A. Avatar

4 star rating I walk by this place all the time and recently decided to stop in. I ordered my go to breakfast, corned beef hash, and it did not disappoint. The food is excellent and this will become one of my go-to brunch spots. My only complaint was the service. At first, we were broought another tables food, and when our actual food arrived part of the order was incorrect. It was a busy afternoon and the restaurant was a bit hectic so hopefully the service will be a bit better next time.

Ellie A. 1/18/2020
Oneta Sampson Avatar

We have dined here many times even during their transition....always excellent.

Oneta Sampson 1/15/2020
Eduardo Gamboa Avatar

This place is 100% quality - there food is great and service is the best - pancakes are on point - menu is creative - had a genuine good time and meal there

Eduardo Gamboa 1/15/2020
Zac K. Avatar

5 star rating How have I NEVER been to this place?! I came here on Sunday for a birthday brunch and omg I have my new favorite brunch spot. The interior decoration Is cute, a nice combination of trendy and tacky. The service is outstanding and the food was truly out of this world. I got The Gilded Lilly shareable, but obviously didnt share because boozy brunch. I also got the Robin of Loxley platter that was INSANE. The toppings were fresh, the bagel was warm, the lox was delicious, overall I am so blown away by this place and will absolutely return.

Zac K. 1/13/2020
Angela S. Avatar

4 star rating I haven't been here in years! I mean like forever. From my memory, Frances' Deli used to be a lot more Jewish deli-ish, but with the new chef, the vibe is truly more French-ish in flare.Went with a friend and ordered up a half turkey sandwich on rye with soup. The turkey sandwich was nothing fancy (I ordered simple), but the portion size was a great value. They really pile the turkey on, and in truth, this would have been just fine for my meal. The only downside for me was the rye bread. It was a tinge dry, and I don't know if it was because I ordered mustard instead of mayo, but next time I'd order different bread. Side of coleslaw was ultra creamy. The chicken soup was loaded with veggies, but it was missing a Jewish kick I like from most delis. Was it the thinner noodles? Not sure, but it was still really delicious. I was pretty full by the time I really dove into the soup. The space is comfortable and tables are pretty close, so if you're looking to have a private conversation, this might not be your stop. No breaking up or intimate date chatter here - LOL! Very friendly waitstaff, and the bathrooms were notably clean and decorated...kind of like being in someone's home. If I am in the neighborhood, I would eat there again.

Angela S. 1/13/2020
Komal Sapra Avatar

Lovely vibe and amazing food!

Komal Sapra 1/08/2020
Shacunda White Avatar

Creative tasty menu! Service is good as well

Shacunda White 1/08/2020
Bassem Mohammed Avatar

Very good place and great service

Bassem Mohammed 1/08/2020
S.L Cox Avatar

This is a beautiful and delightful establishment. I went here with my sister for our birthday and I was so amazed. The food selection, preparation, quality is worth the wait. When I walked in I looked and felt like a kid in a candy store. My sister was surprised and delighted ( her face said it all) and that’s a hard task to achieve. I went for the French toast (OMG) and ended up leaving with the deli sandwiches ( turkey, corned beef and pastrami). This place is so good, we came back the very next day got waffles and took more deli sandwiches for later on. The mimosas... Whoowee!!This place is clean...the bathroom, the floors even the corners of the tables. The food tastes fresh and doesn’t have the commercial undertones in taste.The waitstaff and service was as if I’d walked into someone’s home. Everyone was personable, down to earth. I wIll be visiting this establishment again very soon!!!I would especially like to thank the Chef for making both our birthday’s a most memorable one. IMG_2641.JPG

S.L Cox 1/08/2020
Ali P. Avatar

5 star rating I've been wanting to try this place for a long time and it didn't disappoint!! I was initially turned off by the restaurant because I called to see the wait time and they said "we don't give wait times over the phone." I think that's a little ridiculous, but we decided to go and wait for about 30 minutes. The inside is overly decorated with tons of those basic signs about brunch and food but I loved it. The place is very small and the tables are right next to each other, which explains why there is always a wait. I couldn't decide what to order, so I got a sandwich, soup and French toast. The sandwich had a very generous portion of meat and the French toast was delicious. I thought the soup needed more more flavor, but once I added some salt I thought it was decent. I will definitely be back to try other items on the menu!!

Ali P. 1/07/2020
Matthew John Avatar

Been my favorite since 1982 when it was across the street this place is awesome like the staff met my 1st love there

Matthew John 12/29/2019